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Lodge History – Post War Growth and Decline

The years after the war saw a period of growth and the greatest numbers of members were achieved just after the Lodge celebrated its 25th year on the 24th March 1960.  A similar occasion was celebrated to mark the 50th anniversary which was attended by many distinguished masons in March 1985.  A small number of brethren still remember that rather splendid evening.

The lodge has been working regularly throughout the last 30 years.  Unfortunately it has been a time of steadily falling numbers.  A time when the Lodge has been unable to attract sufficient new members to halt the decline and sadly the future of the lodge is uncertain.

A few years ago it was decided to reinforce the ties that Nisi DOminus has always had with its mother Lodge Burton Court and its sister lodge, Catinarian.  To this end, a “tripartite” meeting was held in which all three lodges participated.  Each lodge took part in the ceremonials in the Temple and the three masters presided over the festive board together.  A meeting of this sort was held a number of times with each lodge taking in turn to host.  This worked well for a while and all three lodges appeared to benefit from the contact but this has become neglected over the last few years, although a number of attempts were made to revive it.

It is hoped that the use of Social Media and the internet will aid in reversing this trend.