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Masonic Visiting

There are any sides to Freemasonry, one key aspect of Freemasonry is visiting other lodges and workings.

Once a Mason has been initiated into Freemasonry they are then able to visit other lodges, throughout the world. Not only is there a strong social aspect to this, it also enables a Freemason to expand on their masonic knowledge. During Initiation, masons take up the obligation to expand their knowledge on a daily basis. Each lodge has their own traditions, and unique interpretations of performing the ritual, by visiting other lodges you not only get to see these unique aspects.

Some masons also use their visiting as a way of expanding their groups of friends, and business contacts. Business Networking is only a small aspect, but if you can work a room, then there are plenty of opportunities to meet people from different business worlds.

Many Grand lodges, both in London and within the provinces also have social Clubs, that offer events for masons to meet outside the format of a lodge meeting.

Prior to visiting a lodge it is good etiquette to contact the Secretary of the lodge to confirm the time and date are correct, and to arrange dining.

If you are visiting a lodge in another country, it always good practice to confirm with Secretary of your own lodge, to ensure that the country is in good standing.  There are sometimes occasions where the status of a Grand Lodge or Province of another country is no longer in good standing.

If visiting, it is always having a response from the visitors speech, or a few words in mind.  Although normally the response from the visitors is taken by the most senior visitor at the Festive Board, however there are occasions where even the most junior visitor may have to give the response.  Some lodges do it by the most senior lodge in the room, or just to fun with a more junior brother, and surprise them at the last minute.