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Where are all the Orphans?


If you have read any of the Grand Lodge minutes from their Finance and General Purposes Committee meetings you will notice that the UGLE are currently loosing lodges faster than new ones are created.

Each month they are reporting about 30 lodges handing in their warrants.  At the end of 2014 there were around 7500 lodges remaining on the Register of Grand lodge.

If the Grand lodge continues at its current rate, we have less than 21 years before there are no lodges left.

I admit that this is a very bleak picture, and I doubt that it will come to that, but it is of great concern to myself and many other masons.  This combined with an already raging population within Freemasonry, the desire to recruit new younger Masons seems like the way to go.

However, with all these lodges closing, there must be masons that are left orphaned without a lodge.

Part of our Lodge survival plan is to attract some of these to our lodge. Not only as guests, but also to encourage them to become joining members.  No brother should be left behind.