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Daily Survival Kit for Freemasons

by Dennis A. Coltart, P.M.

Today, I will contemplate my presence here on earth and that my Creator has a purpose for my existence which may or may not always be clear to me, but will live by his Commandments in order that I might not spot or stain the character which has become me.

Today, I will strive to be a good citizen in the eyes of my neighbor, my community, the state and my country. I will revere my country’s banner, honor it’s Constitution and laws, be grated I for the freedoms I enjoy and bear in mind what the right to those freedoms has cost in lives throughout the ages.

Today, I will remind myself that I am a Master Mason and that I have knelt at the alter and have taken an obligation upon myself and in the presence of those, my brethren, with my hands, my heart and my mind focused upon the Holy Bible, Square and Compass and to live and act in accordance with their moral and symbolic teachings.

Today, I will extend my hand to a worthy brother in distress, and to all persons knowing them to be one of God’s children who is in need or suffering, and will require of them only the reassurance that they would act and perform the same should they f nd another in like situation as they themselves are and requiring no more or less of them.

Today, I will be more tolerant and cordial of those around me, and will abstain from being judgmental of those who are less fortunate than myself, but will encourage them to stand erect, to count their blessings and to make the best of the life for which God has so graciously given them.

Today, I will speak only positively about my fellow man and will cast away all criticism, animosity and jealousy that may offend, humiliate or otherwise degrade another’s name, their heritage or their religion, keeping in mind that we are all made in the image of the Grand Architect of the Universe and through him we are all related.

Today, I will do whatever is required of me to perpetuate the existence of Freemasonry by being mindful of those who have not found it in themselves to seek more “light” about our gentle craft, its beginnings, its tenets, and its teachings. To offer up information to those who demonstrate a genuine interest and, who in my mind, are worthy to receive that “light”.

Today, I will spend quality time with my family and provide for their happiness and welfare so that together we may support one another physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Today, I will pray to my God according to the dictates and customs of my chosen religion.

Today, I will support Freemasonry by attending a Symbolic Lodge and will endeavor to be an active, enthusiastic, and supportive member of the worlds largest and oldest “Brotherhood of Man. “